AC Ryan Playon!HD lecteur multimedia media player telecharger les mises à jour update upgrade firmware free download

AC Ryan PlayonHD firmware


AC Ryan Playon!HD lecteur multimedia media player telecharger les mises à jour update upgrade firmware free download

AC Ryan PlayonHD firmware mise à jour update upgrade gratuit

Autre mises à jour


7.4.4.r3966 European

Information concernant la mise à jour

Mise à jour du 10/06/2011
- Langue: Multilangue

7.4.4.r3966 European Télécharger la mise à jour 82 Mo


AC Ryan Playon!HD lecteur multimedia media player mise à jour firmware version 7.4.4.r3966.

Mises à jour :
1. AC Ryan Playon! GUI2.0 – Refreshing new Graphical User Interface
2. Added new Smart Content Management system
- Indexes your HDD/USB storage device and sorts out your media files for quick access from
Movies/Music/Photo on the main menu
- Also lists your Recently Added Music and Recently Added Movies on the main menu
*SCM system can be turned off by choosing “Auto scan off” under SETUP – SYSTEM – Scan Storage
3. Added option for changeable system fonts (.TTF) and background image (.PNG)
- Create a “Resource” folder on your HDD/USB storage device and place your files in this folder
- Select your desired fonts or desktop image from SETUP – SYSTEM for changes to take effect
4. Added option to load your own Photo Album or images from Flickr to run as screensaver
5. Added DLNA DMR support
- Install as a Digital Media Render in your own Windows network
- Works with Windows 7 Play To feature
*For more info, visit
6. Added LPCM Multi-Channel as an HDMI audio output option automatically when a supporting AVR is
connected via HDMI connection
7. Added “Format HDD Prompt” in SETUP – MISC to enable/disable prompting of HDD format on boot up
8. Added new Internet Media services
- BuddyLink
- Mediafly
- Video Podcasts
- Yahoo Finance
- YouTube
9. Added generic USB Keyboard/Mouse support
10. Added new iPhone web management remote by keying in Safari browser, the IP address of your player
followed by “:1024”
- Example where “” is your player IP address
*Both the player and your iPhone must be in the same network to work
11. Improved Web Remote Control environment
12. Improved Jukebox interface for use with YAMJ Installer v1.0.3
Windows 32-bit:
Windows 64-bit:
13. Improved audio playback on HDMI and S/PDIF
- Fixed stereo pass-through on S/PDIF
- Improved FLAC playback
- Improved Dolby TrueHD playback (for 1073DD C+ board)
- Improved Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 pass-through
14. Improved RM/RMVB playback
15. Improved general stability
16. Fixed ThumbGen image glitch when rolling over multiple cover wall
17. Fixed ThumbGen random restart when playing the video after displaying the cover wall
18. Removed file copy menu from the main menu. Added file copy/edit/remove functions in Files Manager. Press
EDIT button on the remote control while in the Files Manager for all available options
19. Removed “Guest” as default network username

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