AC Ryan Playon!HD lecteur multimedia media player telecharger les mises à jour update upgrade firmware free download

AC Ryan PlayonHD firmware


AC Ryan Playon!HD lecteur multimedia media player telecharger les mises à jour update upgrade firmware free download

AC Ryan PlayonHD firmware mise à jour update upgrade gratuit

Autre mises à jour


7.4.4r7317 European firmware AC Ryan Playon!HD

Information concernant la mise à jour

Mise à jour du 16/12/2013
- Langue: International

7.4.4r7317 European firmware AC Ryan Playon!HD Télécharger la mise à jour 86 Mo


Firmware AC Ryan Playon!HD lecteur multimedia de salon mise à jour firmware version 7.4.4r73.17

Détail des mises à jour :
- Improved Goto function, now able to directly input numeric on the entry fields
- Improved various menu language translations and OSD errors
- Improved audio playing indicator bar to match with the current progress of playback
- Improved sync with various .txt subtitle formats
- Improved subtitles handling
- Added audio setting that can be directly accessed when pressing the MENU button during audio/video
- playback
- Added 'Show all files' option in SETUP - SYSTEM menu to provide users the flexibility of manipulating files that are otherwise filtered out by the system as non-media types
- Added Thai and Hebrew virtual keyboard layout and input method
- Added support for PGS subtitles in MKV container
- Added scan HDD utility to check and automatically fix any NTFS file system errors
- Added option to rename saved Shortcuts
- Fixed random system reboot when accessing the SETUP menu during video playback
- Fixed prompting of HDD format when system is upgraded to version r5440 with the internal HDD already formatted by the previous SDK platform (version r4824 and earlier)
- Fixed error message 'Unable to service request' from appearing when setting a username/password for FTP
- Fixed the limit of maximum 15 subtitles placed in a single folder
- Fixed missing audio channels when playing back video with multi-channel AAC audio via an external amplifier
- Fixed constant rebooting problem caused by the index file being corrupted after scanning any MP3 files with an ID3 tag that contains a large file size embedded image
- Fixed system reboot when loading a Jukebox created with AC Ryan YAMJ Installer v2.0
- Fixed random system freeze when exiting or stopping from playing a movie in Movie Jukebox
- Fixed unable to display YAMJ generated TV Series and Boxsets in Movie Jukebox
- Fixed broken service to NBC TODAY SHOW in Video Podcast
- Fixed no audio bug when using certain services in Internet Media if you are using SPDIF/OPTICAL connection to an external amplifier
- Fixed during audio playback, ID3 details does not appear after returning from screensaver, MENU options or SETUP
- Fixed unable to load subtitles when default subtitle option in Setup > Misc > Subtitle is turned off
- Fixed during a paused video playback and screen saver appears with option set to Photo Album or Flickr, will cause the system to reboot
- Fixed unable to create new folder on network when copying/moving files
- Fixed unable to access a password protected network location that has been added to the Shortcuts menu
- Fixed unable to load .m3u playlist over network
- Moved Shortcuts menu to the first listed menu on the Home Screen
- Moved "Stretch" option as the first selection when pressing the Zoom button during video playback

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